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The Banner


The second tradition is the banner which is suspended over the gates of the churchyard. As the newly wedded couple walk down the path in the churchyard they can see the message on the banner which reads Long Life and Happiness; as they look back towards the church the banner reads Health and Prosperity. The banner was made by Mrs Edmonds who lived in The Willows. When Dr Watkin’s daughter, Sarah, was getting married he asked Charlie Lloyd to make some metal supports for the banner which are still being used. Dr Watkins lived at the Kings Head.




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There are two traditions in Redwick which involve weddings.


Tying the gates


Firstly, during the wedding service and after all the guests are inside the church the children of the village tie the church gates together with rope or ribbon. When the newly-wed couple arrive at the gates the only way they can leave the churchyard is to throw a pocketful of money over the gates and while the children are scrabbling to recover the money the gates can be untied and then the wedding party and guests can leave. Tying the gates is not unique to Redwick and happens in some other local churches such as Rogiet.