Burials in Redwick Churchyard

between June and August 1832

During this short three month period there were fourteen burials in Redwick; all of them, except one, conducted by the Curate, John Beynon. Thirteen of these burials were children ranging in age from eleven months to thirteen years. Some families lost more than one child with the Huggett family losing three members. 

The deaths would appear to have been caused by an epidemic of some sort; it is known that a cholera epidemic was sweeping the country at this time but more investigation is needed to establish if this was the cause of the deaths in Redwick.


The deaths appear to have occurred in certain parts of the village with other areas of the village being unaffected.

Between 1831 and 1833 Cholera spread from the continent. There were 431 outbreaks in towns and villages around Britain.  The “Monmouthshire Merlin” reported on July 12th 1832 on an outbreak in Newport where there had been 17 cases reported resulting in 10 deaths.

In total there were eighteen burials in Redwick during 1832; four burials took place between January and March and the rest between June and August.

Burial records in the church are from 1813








Burials in Redwick Churchyard between June and August 1832